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6s gets you more visitors!

What do we do?

We help you get Extra Relevant Visitors to your website in cost effective ways.

Why use you?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry is full of people promising you the earth and you should be careful about who you trust. See FAQ's for more detail.

We have been optimizing websites since the 1999 an age ago in computer years.

We only use ethical SEO but we also use a variety of other tools and techniques to provide you with the best solutions to meet your aims.

How do you do it?

We carefully review the following, to ensure our suggestions are tailored to you:

  • your website
  • your aims
  • your current traffic information
  • your competitiors websites
  • your current policies on generating visitors
  • your resources

We will produce a report for you on actions we believe you should take to increase your relevant visitors in cost effective ways. It will include code snipets to speed up gaining results and we will be available to either present the report and/or answer any questions you may have.

What is in Report?

A typical report may contain the following areas;

Website changes:

  • Seo (search engine optimization) changes to maximize natural listings
  • Broken and missing links
  • Image review
  • Misspeelings
  • Enhancements for usability

Technical review of DNS, download speeds, disability audit, cs3 compliance etc:

This will include recommended changes and reasons why.

More links to your website:

We will provide a list of relevant quality websites that are likely to link to your site, so increasing your natural rankings with search engines for all search terms. Links,links and more links is the basis of the majority of SEO thinking - so this area is very important.

Suggestions on improving your PPC (pay per click) strategy:

This may increasing or decreasing expenditure but we will give reasons why,it is your descion on how to act on our findings.

Ranking list showing current position with search engines for key terms:

This will provide a bench mark on what can be the cheapest form of relevant traffic.

As a bonus we will ensure your website is manually submitted to the 5 .uk main search engines.

What does all this cost?

We base our costs on time taken but are so sure you will value our findings we will

Guarantee : 100% refund if dont use our recomendations

We will provide you with a fixed quote once we have looked at your website, typically costs are within £300 - £1,500 range. Free for registered charities and discounted for start up websites.

Note this cost is a one-off payment.

What next?

Contact us with the website you want reporting on and will give you a fixed price quote which you can decide upon before acting.

6s : Mix of SEO, Science, Business and Common Sense